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Continental wind Serbia reconstructs new kilometers of roads in the Alibunar municipality

The President of Alibunar Municipality, Mr. Djurica Gligorijev, and the Directress of the Continental Wind Serbia (CWS), Ms. Ana Brnabic, signed the Agreement on Donation intended for reconstruction of roads in the municipality and construction of some local access roads necessary for construction of the Cibuk 1 wind farm.

The reconstruction of roads is a significant project not only because it will facilitate free movement of residents but will also contribute to the development of sport-recreation tourism in the area, as was pointed out at the signing of the Agreement. The project Cibuk 1 wind farm is one of the major investments in Serbia. Its construction is foreseen next year. Besides the reconstruction of roads, the CWS company has earmarked up to € 25,000 as its direct donation for the 2014 programs, listed as priority for the local communities.

The agreement on reconstruction and construction of roads, which had been adopted by the rmembers of Municipality Council, states that the CWS would repair parts of the community road Vladimirovac – Devojacki Bunar and build an access road to Cibuk 1 wind farm. Thus the residents of the municipality and tourists would be able to reach the Deliblatska Pescara much easier. On the other side, owing to this reconstruction, the residents of several villages will be able to drive their agricultural machinery and thus use much better the neighboring agricultural land. All works on the preparation of project documentation, on obtaining permits and reconstruction are fully financed by the CWS.

At the occasion of signing Donation Agreement, the President of Alibunar Municipality, Mr. Djurica Gligorijev, expressed gratitude and stressed importance of donation, iwhich is investment into infrastructure worth up to € 1,000,000. As Gligorijev said, the tourist destination Devojacki Bunar will be much closer and more attractive for excursions and its natural and geographical potential will be used to develop the sport andrecreation tourism. This donation will also be a boost to budget investments into construction of accompanying activities and the accommodation capacities in the Municipality of Alibunar.

It is expected that the proposed activities will be realized and the above mentioned destination will be recognizable on the tourist map of Serbia.

This is a new chapter in the outstanding cooperation that CWS and the Alibunar Municipality have had since 2013

“The CWS and the Municipality of Alibunar have had a good cooperation since 2013, and this is a new chapter in this cooperation. By repairing the existing asphalt road, building the local roads and reconstructing two grade crossings, we want to make traffic safe for all citizens and tourists and to facilitate grade crossing of agricultural machinery. Travelling to Dolovo and Mramorak will be now easier and shorter for all residents of Vladimirovac,” said the CWS Directress, Ms. Ana Brnari, at the occasion of signing the Donation Agreement

“ We are ready to invest into Serbia up to € 450,000,000 in construction of wind farms with capacity of 300 MW, which will be sufficient to meet the needs of more than 30,000 households. In the first phase, CWS plans to erect 57 wind turbines, each with installed power of 2.5 megawatts,” said Ana Brnabic.