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Presentation in Bavaniste: the residents are connected with the construction of wind farm due to a high voltage transmission line

An 11-km long high-voltage transmission line which will lead from the wind farm substation to the Drmno –Pancevo substation will be the closest phase of wind farm construction for the residents of Bavaniste, especially during erection of columns on the land plots whose use had been already defined by contracts. All other phases will have a lesser impact, as was pointed out at the presentation of the wind farm construction held for the residents of Bavaniste.

As being already presented to the residents in other places, so the complete construction itinerary, from the preparatory works to putting the wind farm into operation, was also presented to the residents of Bavaniste.

The Cibuk wind farm project reached the phase when its construction is certain unquestionable and only that remains is to wait for the feed-in tariff decree which, as it is expected, the Government of Serbia will pass within few weeks. With this message the representative of the Wind Energy Balkan Group (WEBG), Mr. Aleksandar Andjic, opened the WEBG presentation of the Cibuk wind farm in Bavaniste.

It is also expected that works, still waiting for adoption of the above mention decree, could start in September of the current year, and the preparatory works even before that date. The contractual term for the wind farm completion is three years and according to the existing working schedule it could be gradually put into operation as from December, 2017.

Taking into consideration that the residents of Bavaniste are basically connected with the wind farm construction because the installation of the power grid and especially the erection of 13 columns take place in the area of Bavaniste, this aspect of the project attracted the greatest attention. Installation of an 11-km long high-voltage transmission line between the wind farm substation all the way to the Drmno-Pancevo substation means taking up certain parts of the land plots, whose owners had already signed contracts with the WEBG. For owners of these plots it is important to know that they will be able to cultivate land with exception of those parts on which the columns would be erected for power grid. 

The residents of Bavaniste were also informed about the procedure for claim of compensation for the damages caused during the wind farm construction. The landowners were most interested for the parts of land plots on which columns would be erected. For each part of land which their owners will not be able to cultivate, they will get compensation to be calculated on the principle of an average price of crop on one hectare, so it would depend on the surface which is occupied. According to some calculations the compensation would amount to € 400/per hectare.

Transport as well as other aspects and phases of the wind park construction will have no significant  impact worth mentioning neither for the residents of Vladimirovac. However, like for all other residents of the places in the area where transport will be frequent, where roads will be built or reconstructed, the cables laid or the wind generators erected, the procedure for objections, suggestions or complains is the same. During construction, the WEBG will respond to all objections, questions, suggestions or complains in time, and there is always the opportunity for all interested to get answers in a direct contact with the WEBG representatives.

During discussion, the residents of Bavaniste were also interested to know the transport route. This route circumvents the village so that trucks will not go through it and therefore no any impact on the village can be expected. Some asked if there were any aspiration to expand the wind farm project.  The answer to this question was that the wind farm capacities are defined by the quota of 500 MW energy and for the time being this is the capacity which Serbia plans to subsidize in the field of wind energy. In this quota, the WEBG participates with 158.4 MW and together with several other investors the quota of 500 MW is reached with ease, so that in this moment there is no indication that it will be increased.

In discussion, the residents of Bavaniste wanted to know what would happen with the wind farm after its expected 25-year lifespan. As regards the lifespan of wind farm there are two outcomes: the first is the possibility of reconstruction and in that case the wind farm continues to operate, and the other outcome is its shutdown. If shutdown, all elements of wind farm would be removed and land returned to its former state, as was before construction of the wind farm.