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Belgrade can become the center of the biggest projects for the renewable sources of energy

Having moved its headquarters from London to Belgrade, the company Continental Wind Partners confirmed that there is possibility for Belgrade to turn into center for the biggest projects of the renewable sources of energy in this part of Europe.  It is expected that the construction of Cibuk wind park will soon begin, provided that new Government act promptly and efficiently when adopting all subordinate legislation necessary to secure investments. This was the opinion of the company’s officials that could be heard during yesterday at the meeting of colleagues, partners and friends of CWP at its new headquarters in Belgrade.

Explaining the reasons for the company’s move from London to Belgrade, Mark Crandall, the CWP president, said that the company foresees the big projects in this part of the world and that Belgrade may turn into the regional center. These big projects that CWP are developing in Romania, Poland and other countries include also the Cibuk windpark in the Kovin municipality.

The process of obtaining permits for construction of the Cibuk windpark in Kovin is almost at the end. However, the beginning of construction depends on decisions of the new Serbian government. “The government hasn’t yet adopted the basic regulations that would regulate selling of produced energy and its price and has yet to officially state contracts on selling/purchase. If new government adopts all that is necessary to adopt the subordinate legislation that supports the renewable sources of energy, we shall certainly construct the windpark here, where we have now establish company’s headquarters for the region, which is the center for large windpark projects,” said Crandall. Confirming that prospects for successful construction of the wind park Cibuk project are good, one of the CWP Finexco’s managers, Nigel Robinson said: “Certain decisions have to be brought and if these decisions are good, we shall be already next year in position to invest into Serbia more than € 300 million.” The success of the windpark Cibuk project in Kovin would place Serbia in the group of countries that exploit potentials of the renewable sources of energy in the highest possible degree. If the government makes right moves we can not only equal the countries in the European Union but we can even surpass them,” said the Continental Wind Serbia director, Ana Brnabic. 

CWS, together with the company Vetroelektrane Balkana, is directly engaged in the development of the Cibuk windpark. The opening of CWP headquarters in Belgrade was yesterday celebrated with friends, colleagues and business partners. Two ambassadors, were also present, HE Mary Warwick, the U.S. ambassador, and HE Mete Kjulel Nielsen, the ambassador of Denmark.

Mark Crandall, the President of Continental Wind Partners says that the company foresees large projects in Serbia, especially the construction and financing the first windpark in Serbia, but that all future projects are awaiting adoption of the subordinate legislation within the Energy Law. Nigel Robinson, one of the CWP Finexco’s manager speaks about progress and preconditions for construction of the Cibuk windpark. Ana Brnabic, the Director of Continental Wind Serbia speaks about the European dimension of the Cibuk windpark project.