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Continental Wind Serbia (CWS) supported the 7th Supernatural Festival

7th Supernatural Festival organized to celebrate the International Earth Day and supported by the Continental Wind Serbia attracted 7000 visitors. The theme of the Festival was the ecological education of the youngest. CWS joined the Festival and erected the first wind generator that supplied the Rose Green Classroom in which kids learned how they can save the planet Earth.

Small wind turbine was spinning on the Ada Huja attracting the attention of both the youngest and older visitors alike. This was an ideal opportunity to introduce children and their parents with wind as the renewable source of energy, which besides reducing pollution and contributing to saving environment is also important in securing sovereignty of the country in the field of energy.

Supernatural Festival was also organized in the Botanic Garden and at Kosutnjak quarter and for the second year in row it was held on the Ada Huja, the former garbage dump. In the symbolic way the event highlighted our natural wealth with a great potential that men neglected and abandoned.