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Continental Wind Partners - winner of the Award for the BocoRock Wind Park in Australia

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) presented the most prominent Australian Award for excellence in the field of renewable energy to the Continental Wind Partners (CWP). CWP is awarded for its activities in the local community near the BocoRock Wind Farm in Australia. CWP has been following for several years the same policy of supporting and cooperating with the local communities in Serbia i.e. since the company started works on the Cibuk 1 project in Kovin.

The Clean Energy Council Award (CEC) Committee recognized the highest standards which the Continental Wind Partners Co. has been applying in this industry being active in the local community whose members live and work near BocoRock Wind Farm. When completed this wind park with its 122 turbines will be an important provider of renewable clean energy. 

Ed Mounsey, Head of Development at CWP Australia, said that this award for activities in the community confirms that the complete team managed to build excellent relations with the community. Last year, the Clean Energy Council recommended its members to follow such policy of activities in communities that would upgrade standards in the field of renewable energy and ensure the support of local population for construction of wind parks.

This policy the CWP Co. has been following in Serbia since 2009, when the company began construction works on the development of Cibuk 1 Windpark in Kovin. The aim of the project is to ensure that the building of windpark creates as many positive economic trends in the local community as possible.

Besides the above policy, among priorities for CWP is also to support local community in preserving their tradition and customs. In the previous years and also in the current 2014, CWS has been supporting dozens of programs and projects of local organizations, sport clubs, schools, as well as other activities of local people in Kovin, Dolovo I Mramorak.