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Continental Wind Serbia Received “Captain Misa Anastasijevic” Award

The Continental Wind Serbia Co. received the 2014 Captain Misa Anastasijevic Award for business vision for its project of the Kovin Windpark. The decision was brought by the expert jury presided by Prof. Dr. Radovan Pejanovic, the rector of the Novi Sad University. The award was delivered at the Kovin Cultural Center.

CWS is present in Serbia from 2009, and until today have invested about € 8,000,000 into the project of the Cibuk 1 windpark, in Kovin. The first phase of this project, worth € 300,000,000, will have the capacity of 150 MW.  It is expected that the project will bring to the budget of Serbia and the municipalities in which it is located about € 260,000,000 of direct profit during a 25-year working period of this power plant.

Within this project CWS also established the Program for Support of Social Initiatives in the local communities Mramorak, Dolovo and Vladimirovac. This year, the local projects were supported by more than € 20,000. They are carried out by many local associations and organizations with aim to improve social activities in these communities. The projects include the field of culture, education, elder care, traffic security, culinary skill, tradition, various shows, children’s manifestations and others.

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