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Meeting with the Residents of Vladimirovac: Rehabilitation of Asphalt and Grade Crossings, Shorter Drive to Kovin, by Bike to the Field

Rehabilitation of asphalt on the old roads, their restoration and broadening when necessary, the reconstruction of two grade crossings, a construction of completely new road section leading to the field lanes, a reconstruction of field lanes and, finally, enabling a heavy transport on such restored roads to the wind farm site, are main aspects of construction which the residents of Vladimirovac will meet rather frequently and the impact of which they will feel the most in the area, as was explained at the new meeting dedicated to the presentation of the plan and itinerary of the wind farm construction during the current and the next year.

In presentation of technical aspects of the wind farm construction during meeting with the residents of Vladimirovac, the complete schedule was represented as well as all other information about works that would be going on in the forthcoming period until the end of the project and putting the wind farm into operation. However, in this part of presentation that was conducted by the WEBG representative, Mr. Slobodan Perovic, the focus was on reconstruction of the existing roads and the grade crossings, the broadening or construction of new sections in the road network, including the field lanes. This aspect is directly connected with lives of inhabitants of Vladimirovac as they will be exposed to the greatest impact of this part of construction in the area and later also to effect of transport that will include 600 trucks.

On the other side, Vladimirovac will benefit the most from road network for Vladimirovac, because it will mean shorter driving to other neighboring places and much easier movement within the area, including those across the reconstructed field lanes during their future agricultural activities. All in all, the wind farm project will leave a 60 km access roads, which will become the property of the Kovin municipality and remain the public property which all people can freely use.

The phases of project development, from road construction and the cables laying, from transport to the power grid, the building of foundation and mounting of turbine, a lot of information, photos and slides, a planning and scheduling diagram per month, all these were information presented by Mr. Slobodan Perovic in Vladimirovac at the recent presentation which was exceptionally well received. Mr. Perovic pointed out that all security measures will be taken especially because of transport, including traffic signals on the truck route.

After information about technical aspects followed the presentation of procedures for submitting suggestions, questions or complaints. This part of presentation was led by the WEBG representative, Mr. Aleksandar Andjic.

Like all other inhabitants, the residents of Vladimirovac can submit their suggestions, objections, questions or complaints to the premises of the Local Community on the universal form for this purpose and the WEBG will answer them within 20 days, said Mr. Andjic. The mechanism for damage compensation will be actual when the construction starts and when there will not be possible to cultivate land on some of the plots. For such land plots the WEBG will pay compensation in amount of the average price per hectare of cultivable soil per one year, which will depend on the size of land plot occupation. The inhabitants of Vladimirovac mostly own the so-called ‘turbine land plots’ which WEBG bought from their owners but allowed them to continue cultivation for the time being. Currently until the beginning of construction, farmers are free to continue to cultivate these land plots. During construction, the turbine land plots will not be able to cultivate and for that phase owners will be compensated, said Mr. Andjic. Construction works according to the present schedule will be completed by the end of 2017, and after that the owners of these turbine land plots will continue with their agricultural activities. All questions or problems in connection with possible compensation for damage during construction will be resolved in the direct contact with WEBG representatives, as the residents of Vladimirovac were informed at the last meeting.